Public Perception Of Nursing, Trends And Eras By Deborah Judd And Kathleen Sitzman

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Nursing has greatly changed throughout the years and many aspects. The nursing profession has had to overcome obstacles pertaining to public perception, education, and different issues within the field. These three aspects have been the most influential on the profession because they have all helped evolve and shape the profession and image. A negative image does not persuade others to join the occupation, view it positively, or treat nurses with respect. Conversely, a positive image has proven to influence the profession strongly with incentives to join and to be viewed respectively. A Hisory of American Nursing, Trends and Eras by Deborah Judd and Kathleen Sitzman further elaborate on the influential trends which shaped nursing image in the past and present. Public perception of the nursing image is a crucial indicator of how nurses will be treated by others and even how they perceive themselves. Mass communication and entertainment dating back from the printing in the 1600’s to present day television have led to generalized impressions of nursing. The often contradictory image portrayed to the mass public greatly shaped perception resulting in the inconsistent public perception of nurses (Judd & Sitzman, 2013). European settlers in the United States held their same viewpoint of nurses in Europe to American nursing. Most of nursing in Europe was provided by monks and nuns as a part of religious charity work. The monasteries were cleanly and efficient. However, after the

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