Public Place Observation: Inside McDonald's

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Public place observation: Inside a McDonald's The public place where I chose to conduct my observation was in a local McDonald's. I have not sat in a McDonald's for many years, since I rarely eat that type of fast food and when I do I tend to use the drive-through. I began my observation early in the morning. The first group of customers consisted of teenagers wearing school Varsity jackets of various sports. The boys ordered sausage burgers, but the girls only got fancy coffees. The boys seemed hungry and ate. One of the girls giggled and flipped her hair, talking to one of the boys who seemed to be her boyfriend, while the other was largely silent and kept checking her cell phone. The quieter girl rolled her eyes a great deal at what the other girl said, as if she was sharing a joke. Another group of customers appeared to work for a lawn company, based upon their uniforms. They ordered breakfast and left quickly after eating. Next, some older people began to filter in. This crowd was less rushed than the students and day laborers. An older gentleman simply ordered a coffee and read his paper, as if he simply wanted to pass the time in the company of people. An elderly couple walked in and ordered what seemed to be their 'usual' scrambled eggs and hash browns for her, and an Egg McMuffin for 'him.' Their easy manner and confidence when ordering seemed to suggest that this was a frequent occurrence. The husband ordered for his wife without consulting her first,

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