Public Policies: Facts About California's Water Supply In California

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1) How would you define public policy? Be sure to draw from scholarly sources to enhance or support your definition; but don't quote the source. I'd like to see your analysis of the term. Making or studying public policy looks like an ocean when being compared with other social sciences because it contains a combination of regulations and laws (Stanford University). Making public policy is very important because the rules and regulations should work for people’s benefits, otherwise, the policies will be considered old or insufficient to fulfill their aims or duties, but, in my opinion, not all public policies are beneficial to people because public policies do not reflect people’s or individual’s ideas, and they are initiated with maybe a sense of humor or feelings of persons, who would like to make that public policy. We study this because it focuses on how to analyze and know the ingredients of it, if it is useful to people, if it is still valid to use, and if people have got the benefits from it. 2) Share with us some of the public policies you have seen present within your community or state. Which ones impact your life directly and how? In my opinion, one of the most important public policies is about water supply in California. According to Davina Kaldani, the danger about California’s water supply is “drought” and “the state’s neglect” on it (Kaldani, 2014). The water supply in California may become a big issue if not treated well and taken the good policies on it because water is life. It basically contains two Hydrogens and one…show more content…
(2014). “Water Supply – Unsustainable California: The Top 10 Issues Facing the Golden State.” United States Common Sense. Stanford University. “What is Public Policy at Stanford?”
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