Public Policy And Creating Solutions For Improvement Essay

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Examining Public Policy and Creating Solutions for Improvement
Reflections on Public Policy The chosen public policy issue is the ongoing effort within nursing to advance the field through taking action. In this case, action takes four distinct activities: advocacy, policy, learning as a lifelong process and involvement in philanthropy. This action can be applied through community-based participatory research which is a research partnership seeking the involvement of all members of the community. Under this approach, all participants contribute their knowledge to the process in an effort to better the quality of life in that community members (Israel et al., 2008). It is because there are so many under-served populations and in under-serving these populations nursing fails to live up to its professional and this is a policy change that must be made. This issue of public policy, that is, the issue of the prevalence of under-served populations which clearly requires changing, and the role that nursing can play in this public policy process is discussed at length in Burkhardt and Nathaniel (2013).
To influence public policy, nurses must act as professionals with the ability and the responsibility to affect the current and future debate over the delivery of health care. This would seem natural enough as nursing is based on the principle that all people are of value and their health should be advanced throughout every socioeconomic tier of society (Brown,

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