Public Policy And Public Health

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Literature Review
The first section describes the term public policy, taking into account a number of policy definitions from both public administration and public health, and as well as several policy influencing factors. The second section addresses physical activity policy in particular, providing a definition of physical activity policy as well as suggested criteria that characterize successful physical activity policy. The third section gives an insight into policy evaluation…
What is public policy? The National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP) defines public policy as “a strategic action led by a public authority in order to limit or increase the presence of certain phenomena within the population” (2012, p. 1). They propose an evidence-informed analytical framework that reflects both public health perspectives and concerns of policy makers. This is important because public health actors (i.e., policy evaluators and advocates) do not have the power to make decisions as they represent one voice of among many in the policy making process. The analytic framework is structured to guide public health matters in a decision-making context with six dimensions: first, the dimensions of effectiveness, unintended effects, and equity are related to the question of effectiveness; and subsequently, cost, acceptability, and feasibility are related to policy implementation. Policy is often not a single decision, but a web of decisions or sometimes rather a
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