Public Policy Creation

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When trying to implement policy, there are public decisions that have to be observed in order to be able to formulate a method of how to put that policy into place. As according to John Kingdon, “Public policy creation can be simplified into four basic steps: setting the agenda, defining alternative choices, choosing an option, implementing the final decision” (Kingdon). When taking this into consideration, the process of public policy creation seems quite simple, but in reality, it is the exact opposite. One of the main reasons as to why public policy creation is not as easy as it may seem is because of how many components factor into the decisions. When constructing policy, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the President, the President’s Cabinet, interest groups, etc. all have their…show more content…
As seen in chapter four of Holzer & Schwester (2011), “the groupthink atmosphere discourages anyone from conveying a dissenting opinion” (p.165-66). Taking from this the idea that people are discouraged to speak there mind when it comes to terms of discussing policy and their outcome, most tend to agree even if they don’t agree. With that being said, there is no definitive answer when it comes to public policy making. Further, within politics, all of the fundamental decisions that are being made are directed towards the policy which they are going to support. For example, the minimum wage laws that are to be implemented all throughout the United States. It was politics that thought of this specific policy, however it is public administration that will implement it. The fundamental difference between the two when it comes to decision making, is that decision making within politics is aimed at how the government is going to construct an idea that formulates into a policy. In terms of public administration, it takes the policy already created by the political side of government and it enforces that specific
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