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Policy evaluation can be better defined as a process by which general judgments about quality, goal attainment, program effectiveness, impact, and costs can be determined. It is an assessment of whether a set of activities implemented under a specific policy has achieved a given set of objectives. Once public policy has been operationalized through the formal adoption of laws, rules, or regulations, and the bureaucracy has taken action to implement the policy, some form of evaluation needs to be accomplished to determine if the policy has achieved the desired outcome or impact. Public policy represents the expenditure of limited public resources and or restrictions on certain types of individual or organizational behavior. Consequently,…show more content…
Depending on the taste of any interest group or policy actor, the perception of how well a policy or program is performing or being implemented can have far-reaching impact. The retrospective analysis of any public policy or government action is bounded by a number of real-world constraints, such as time, budget, ethical considerations, and policy restrictions as well as political ideologies, values, experiences, measurement instruments, goal clarity, and institutional biases. The key to understanding and interpreting the results of any policy evaluation is that some degree of bias is inherent in the process. However, this shortcoming should not prevent efforts to produce fair and unbiased policy evaluation products, at least as much as possible. The objective of policy evaluation is to discover policy flaws and to attempt to correct them given the entire limitations incumbent in the policy process. In its simplest form, evaluating a public program involves cataloging the goals of the program, measuring the degree to which the goals have been achieved, and, perhaps, suggesting changes that might bring the performance of the organization more in line with the stated purposes of the program. Most models of policy evaluation ground their analytical perspective in the logical process used to determine the discrepancy between
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