Public Policy Is An Essential Element Of The United States ' Government

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Public policy is an essential element of the United States’ government. Congress, the president, the Cabinet, as well as the thousands members of the bureaucracy, all play a crucial role in defining how political decision are made in the United States. Public policy not only shapes the national government, but it also shapes the state and local governments as well. Domestic, foreign, and economic policies are come together to form public policy as a whole and all deal with different issues and problems of the country. However, both the president and Congress both have unique powers and roles that influence public policy in the domestic, foreign, and economic spheres. Domestic policy refers to issues and activities that occur within the United State 's borders. However, both the president and Congress have differing powers in regards to this spectrum of public policy. For example, the president has the power to call Congress into session. Ever since this responsibility was put forth in the United States’ Constitution, the president has been able to influence Congress by pulling Congress together to discuss and debate needed policies. Often, these sessions occur when the president believes that there is a crisis on hand. For example, Congress was called into session during their summer recess after Hurricane Katrina to pass an emergency spending bill in 2005. Therefore, the response of Congress and to Hurricane Katrina was ultimately carried forth by President George W.
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