Public Policy Meeting At The Los Angeles Area Chamber Of Commerce

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Public Policy Meeting For this activity, I attended a Health Care City Council Meeting hosted by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, on September 5, 2014, located on 350 S. Bixel St., Los Angeles, CA 90017. The duty of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce defends economic opulence and quality of life for the Los Angeles region by being the voice for business, encouraging teamwork and aiding members grow (Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, 2007). Their goal is to help improve the business climate and quality of life in a community, usually by advocating, networking with others, and by developing business programs. The L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation was first established in 1970 to carry out the charitable and …show more content…
Lastly, the third speaker was Rick Hecht, Director of Consulting and Customer Support at Kaiser Permanente of Southern California/Healthworks. His speech was focused on creating a sustainable culture of health at the worksite, with an emphasis on getting people to eat better, move more and manage their stress. It was Rick’s speech and topic that caught my attention the most because he spoke about things that I was able to relate to.
Key Agenda Items and Meeting Logistics The key agenda items in Rick’s speech were about how wellness impacts our business, our own health, and wellness programs in small businesses. Rick spoke about how the evolution of man started off as people trying to find food and now are standing in line to get food, how everything is super sized, and sadly, two thirds of the population, by the time they reach their twenties, are overweight or obese. The population of the U.S. is about 319 million, 85 million of them are the baby boomers, 100 million of them are diabetic or pre-diabetic and do not even know it, and only 246,900 are the primary care doctors in the U.S. today (United States Census Bureau, 2010). Only 246,900 doctors to take care of 100 million diabetics, 85 million aging baby boomers, and 310 million people in the U.S. These numbers not only show how unhealthy and unaware we are about our health, but they also show how business owners are at risk of losing their company, as well as, how important it is to include a

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