Public Policy Of Globalization On Canada Essay

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Public Policy of Globalization in Canada The government is what makes executive decision for the public policy. Society is influenced by our living and working conditions which shape health. The social determinants of heath shape material, psychosocial, and behavioral routes. However, stages of life like, genetics, early life, and cultural factors are some components that influence health. The Canadian welfare state shape public policies enhance the social determinants in Canada and the low quality and the inequitably distributed throughout the nation. There are several different factors that revolve around inequality health policy disputes that needs to be addressed by governments and policymakers. Contributing factors like increasing minimum wage and assisting the health care system by further providing benefit for the most disadvantaged Canadians. Moreover, taxation is highly advocated policy alternative to improve health. Likewise, unionization in workplaces would most likely can reduce income and wealth inequalities in Canada. It further supports to limit t-making that is originate from employee expenses that take away their health and wellbeing. Therefore, these are such factors that can contribute What shapes the health care system? As many people medical treatments are what shape our health care system, is not necessarily true. What does shape the health care system is our living conditions and what the nation experiences. In other words, this is known was social
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