Public Policy Paper Healthcare Vs Medical Tourism Essay

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Public Policy Paper Healthcare VS Medical Tourism Melodie Dominique Palm Beach Atlantic University GBUS 2813 01 American Free Enterprise Professor Tom Miller October 16, 2016 PUBLIC POLICY PAPER 2 America is portrayed throughout the globe as the land of opportunity and the home of the free. With all that the U.S. has to offer, it is unethical to see how the health care system has failed and is continuing to fail countless Americans. We constantly hear the stories of citizens who have benefited from their insurance, gone through challenges with insurers, or can not be insured based on their pre-existing medical history. With companies such as Microsoft, employees do not pay a dime out of pocket for any of their medical needs and their families needs regardless of the cost. Also under these broad organization insurances, employees with pre-existing health conditions can not be turned away. As for all other American citizens who work in small businesses, the insurance offered to them comes at a high coverage cost with an even higher deductible or co-pays and coverage limits. I’ve been working for a local government agency going on ten years now; one may assume that, holding a local government position would be a job with generous insurance benefits. In a Sun-Sentinel News article titled Mandatory Healthcare: What the Supreme Court ruling means for Floridians, Journalist William E. Gibson states, “You can remain on your current policy and cannot be dropped

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