Public Policy Plan Proposal for Agencies

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PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCIES 2 Public Policy Plan Proposal for Agencies Executive Summary The public service agencies are organizations that con either be governmental or non-governmental. The agencies are significant in due to the interest they have for the state's citizens. Organizations such as the Agency of International development (USAID), Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the famous American Red Cross, all have different missions, but the agenda of all these organization is to provide service to the citizens. The organizations provide many job opportunities to the citizens, especially positions in the civil service. The agencies are obligated to support people with basic needs including water in case of droughts, electricity to the marginalized. In addition, the organizations provide services like transportation and also aids in communication in case of emerging tragedies, which are inevitable. Special programs are available to assist in the implementation of policies in the agencies, and a critical analysis on the issue of programs is provided in this work. A detailed proposal on public policy is also provided at the end of this paper. Table of Contents Introduction Agency of International Development (USAID) Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) The American Red Cross Agency Organization's Missions relating to Public Safety Reaction of Organizations to Emergencies Constituent needs of the Public Organizations reactions in
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