Public Policy Process

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Principle place of domicile: Houston, Texas
I have resided only in the State of Texas.

The State of Texas is a diverse, multicultural state that I am proud to be a native of. The city of Houston in itself is a great city that is full of diversity and where the job market is booming. As I long to be back home, I am also happy to be at the University of Dayton
School of Law and cheerful for the new challenges that await.
My cultural background is Latin American. Many simply associate their race or ethnicity as a way to associate themselves with others or to indicate to the government who they are. I cannot speak enough of other ethnicities, but the Latin American culture is a rich, huge, diverse culture. Both my parents are Latin American
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A procedural system in which I have participated before was learning how Congress passes public policy. I believe the procedural they have is not as strict as the civil procedural system, but it in fact does a procedural to help create good thorough policies. I have not read the readings yet, but some key features to Congress passing legislation is The Public Policy Process.
In this process, there are steps for policies to become implemented.
The steps are problem identification, policy formulation, policy adoption, policy implementation and policy evaluation. A policy always begins with policy identification and so forth, but can go right back to the first step again and again, if issues or questions arise over the policy in question. The current remedies to the Public Policy Process aren’t much, but a present remedy is abandoning the policy and start on another policy. Thus, the Public Policy Process is not always efficient.
The fairness in this procedural process may seem democratic in Congress, but many political players play in the Public Policy Process, like lobbyist and interest groups, which
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