Public Policy in California

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Public policy in California Report by the Legislative Analyst's Office that predicted a severe budget shortfall meant that most of the California public school students were to experience shorter school year. Governor's tax measures tried to solve the cuts of public school financing. Menifee district depended on Governor Jerry Brown's initiative or the education to face $5.5 billion, thus advising school districts plan for the worst case scenario in their endeavors to come up with their 2012/2013 budget. Most of the schools in California are using employee (teacher) furlough days in bridging budget shortfalls. Eventually, it is the students as well as the state at large who are to pay the price of students staying fewer days in schools as argued by research and education experts, (Amy Bentley, 2012). According to Dr. Louise Adler, a former high school teacher and a professor of Educational Leadership at California State University Fullerton, the United State is by now having fewer days for students in school as compared to every country that we compete. She argues that due to this fact that many other countries has longer school years more than U.S, at the end of the entire school career of a student, you find that the foreign students always accumulates more of the overall schooling by a year as compared to American Student. This can affect the economy in the future since we are like disinvesting in the future of people who are to help in the economy growth. This
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