Essay on Public Policy on Child Labor in the Cocoa Industry

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Ecuador is the biggest fine or flavor cocoa exporter of the world. Since chocolate is a billion dollar industry, one would think cocoa farmers would be benefit fairly. However, when the production chain is analyzed, one can find large differences between the working conditions of cocoa farmers and the chocolate factory employees. Still in the 21stcentury there exists a large amount of child labor in cocoa producing countries. Meanwhile in the chocolate factories (which are mainly located in developed countries), the transnational corporations boast about their compromise with ethics, particularly human rights and environmental protection. This reality is a reflection of the income distribution inequality in the production and marketing of…show more content…
However, they continue to benefit from child labor. Ecuador and other countries have worked towards several bill projects requiring these cocoa-purchasing companies to be certified ensuring their products are free of child labor. However, transnational corporations have defended their economic interests on this subject by influencing local politics. They have even created different lobby tools to pressure state governments, as well as supranational organizations like the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the European Union itself. In order to tackle all these issues in the cocoa sector, we should establish and run different codependent strategies simultaneously. I propose that in order to establish a better distribution of income, the governments of cocoa producing countries should establish a minimum sale price for cocoa. Additionally, they should establish penalties for corporations who buy cocoa that has been involved in child labor. To achieve this, it is essential to encourage and reward the formation of cocoa cooperatives, so farmers can increase their negotiation power as suppliers of raw material. This will help them sell their product at a better price and keep them from resorting to child labor in order to produce competitive cocoa. Lastly, an independent monitoring system must be created and managed by local
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