Public Relations : A Strategic Communication Process That Builds Mutually Beneficial Relationships Between Organizations And Their Publics

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Communications is a very broad major. You can specialize in many types of areas, as well as pair it with many different and a wide varieties of minors. With a communication major you can get a job in marketing, journalism, digital media, social media, television, and public relations. I think public relations is a very interesting major, so I really wanted to explore it a little bit more. In definition, public relations is, “A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics” (PSRA, 2015). It’s all about connecting people. There are many responsibilities and duties for people in public relations, and different duties at different levels. Everyone in public relations has to be able to communicate with people of many different statuses such as clients, organizations, reporters, colleagues, or new outlets. The biggest responsibility they have is to take care of their clients, and “sell” their clients to the public. This is their main goal, and job. They have to do what they can to make their clients successful and reachable to the public. This also means they are also responsible for crisis management. If client is given a bad name, or something doesn 't go the way they planned, it’s the P.R. representative that is in charge of fixing and restoring the client back on track. Some of the other responsibilities of someone in public relations is writing press releases, creating campaigns, writing speeches,…
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