Public Relations And Communication Management

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Grunig (2013) sees public relations and communication management as fundamental to the achievement of organisational goals. A major road and tunnelling project in West Auckland, has required considerable planning and communication with publics. The Waterview Connection Development (WCD) is a motorway link between State Highways 16 and 20, which, in part, runs through tunnels. The WCD aims to provide a direct link between the central business district and the airport, and an alternative to State Highway 1.

This essay critically assesses how the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) has communicated with publics during the WCD. It analyses the communication activity, and applies public relations theory.

Key Publics

Major publics with an interest in the project include residents with properties affected by the noise and possible shifts of land, road-users who may experience delays during construction, and businesses that may lose of revenue if customers find it difficult to access their premises. Mehta and Xavier (2009) note engagement relationship strategies used with various publics may be different to each other and vary over time as different parts of the project are completed. Project managers need to negotiate with residents, road-users and business-owners to minimise disruptions.

All affected sections of Auckland 's multicultural population should be included in the organisation 's publics. The diversity model (Mersham, Theunissen, & Peart, 2009)…
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