Public Relations And Social Media

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Public relations use traditional media, social media and stakeholder engagement in everyday practice. Each of these three concepts is contingent to the success of public relations and practitioners use them in order to connect and communicate with publics and audiences to enforce messages. Each concept correlates with one or more of Grunig and Hunt’s four models of public relations, emphasising the importance of these three concepts in the public relations industry. To further understand these concepts, real world applications of each concept has been identified and explored in relation to contemporary public relations practice and ethical considerations related to the organisation’s behaviour in practice.
Dominating the public relations realm for myriad years, traditional, or mass, media has been the predominant means of communication. These communications mediums include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, leaflets, and corporate videos (Theaker, 2001, p. 20). Other mediums include public service announcements, media conferences, special events, and media release, which is the most commonly used tool in public relations (Wilcox, Cameron, Reber, & Shin, 2011, p. 250). Since its introduction, traditional media has become well established and has been able to captivate audiences, moreover, these traditional mediums for information have become trustworthy and are far more credible than social media (LexisNexis Survey Shows Today 's Consumers Trust Traditional Media…
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