Public Relations As A Regular Tradition

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Due to the early accounts of public relations utilising manipulative practices as a regular tradition, these tactics have thus overshadowed and continued to be the predominant view of public relations within modern contexts. This essay will argue that public relations has evolved considerably beyond the age of press agentry, yet will still acknowledge the existence of some present day uses of these schemes. Firstly, this essay will explore the history of public relations to establish and enforce the need for change within the profession. Secondly, this essay will discuss the various new practices and procedures of public relations implied into modern society and how this aligns with the continuing ethical development of this profession. Lastly, the essay will analyse the use of methods associated with the press agentry period in recent years.

Public relations is historically categorised in three stages known as manipulation, information and mutual benefit, with each consisting of a different core set of values, methods and desired outcomes. The manipulation period was known for its continuous abuse of press agentry and publicity stunts to further its “manipulative attempt to gain the attention of the public through the media”. To summarise the manipulation era was infatuated with profit gain and often acted without a moral compass by fabricating elaborate stories to entice the interest of the public, thus furthering their financial success. An essential component and
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