Public Relations Between Healthcare Organization Crisis Management And The Way Health Care Organizations

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Overview of the Study This case study is primarily aimed at determining the use of public relations in healthcare organization crisis management and the way health care organizations respond to the crisis. This was achieved through the facilitation of procedural data collection from the selected case across the various sources of data available as well as encouraging flexibility throughout the study. 4.2 Research Method The qualitative case study was embraced as the scientific approach. This study was found to be successful through the study. The term ‘crisis case’ refers to ‘an instance of crises and the core of this case study research is to investigate one or more instances of the crisis in healthcare organizations in the US. This…show more content…
This was also meant to enable comparative analysis of the types of crises affecting these organizations. However, the single case study was primarily selected due to criticalness of the issue and the uniqueness of the case. Special gatekeepers were selected to help in identifying the potential interviewees as well as the relevant documents in the organization for the study. 4.5 The Study Area The location of a study was within the healthcare organization (Orange County) located South Orange, New Jersey. This is because Orange Avenue is at my disposal and it enabled me to have the easy time of access. 4.6 The Study Population This is basically taken as the total number of people, elements or subjects engaged in the study and pose specific and common characteristics within the study area. This research engaged both the organization’s stakeholders totaling to 150 potential participants. 4.7 Sample Size Determination The following were the considerations for sample size determination; The sample size that will reach redundancy or saturation- this simply indicates the maximum number of samples to enable the identification of consistent patterns taking into consideration that the population of the organization was 150 staffs. The other consideration was the largest number of sample to enable effective representation of the variation within the population of the target. This was based on the population size needed to enable the assessment of the

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