Public Relations Institute Of New Zealand Essay

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This essay will deconstruct and critically assess the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand’s (PRINZ) definition of public relations. PRINZ defines public relations as: “The deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organisation and its target audiences” To deconstruct the definition of public relations this essay must define and explain the key concepts, referring to theory and scholarly material. This essay will refer to the excellence theory, systems theory and relationship management theory. This essay will use real-life, contemporary New Zealand examples when applicable to explain relevant concepts, models and theories.

To understand what it means by “Deliberate” in regards to PRINZ’s definition of public relations and to determine how it links to concept of “establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organisation and its target audiences”, one must know the key concepts of the excellence theory. The excellence theory specifies the value of public relations to organizations and the society based on the social responsibility of intentional managerial decisions and the quality of relationships with stakeholder publics (Grunig, 1992). Effective organisations behave in ways that solve the problems and intentionally satisfy the goals of stakeholders as well as of management (Grunig, 1992). The excellence theory states, to behave in a socially adequate way, organizations must observe their environment
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