Essay about Public Relations Notes

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PR99 – Contemporary Public Relations Study Guide 1. All of the following are to be considered when making ethical decisions in public relations EXCEPT: * Ethical decisions are based on: the public interest, employer or client, * professional organization code of ethics and personal values. 2. Which demographic group is the largest consumer of television, magazines, books, and newspapers? * Baby Boomers 3. “Respecting all opinions and supporting the right of free speech” is connected to which PRSA core 
value? * Fairness 4. According to Cabot’s Foundational Principles, “Clarity is more important than... * Cleverness 5. Critics often complain that PRSA’s code of ethics is…show more content…
22. According to Cabot’s Foundation Principles, “Act first, then... * Communicate 23. Which of the following will help protect an organization from liability issues surround a sponsored 
event? * Accurate info and a delicate use of works. * Make sure statements are truthful with factual evidence and scientific. 24. All of the following are general characteristics of seniors EXCEPT: * Less easily convinced * Demand value in things they buy * Pay little attention to ads * Vote in great numbers * Heavy newspaper readers * Watch a lot more T.V. if retired * Volunteers for social health & culture organizations because they’re looking for something to do * Extremely health conscious * Want to know about medical developments * Eat out frequently * Do a lot of gift buying * Travel frequently 25. What medium is most effective for delivering a message that requires absorption of details? * Print 26. According to Cabot’s Foundational Principles, “Long-term relationships require... * Two Way Communication 27. Which of the following practices is condemned by PRSA? Pg184 * Free flow of info=accurate & truthful info * Competition=healthy &fair * Disclosure of info=open communication is essential in decision making * Safeguarding
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