Public Relations: The Student Exchange Program at Curtin University Case Study

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Public Relations: The Exchange Student Program at Curtin University Executive Summary There are several concerns with the Exchange Student Program at Curtin University, including a general lack of awareness about the program and what it can offer to students, as well as the requirements for entry into the program. At the same time, there are benefits. A foreign language is not required, and the admissions list is relatively small. With that being the case, many people who want to get into the program can do so with relative ease. The issues addressed here come from an analysis of the situation and the problems being seen with communication, as well as how the objectives for success can and should be met, and through what channels. By showcasing the program, it will be possible to get many more students interested in it - both those who want to visit foreign countries and those who want to come to Curtin from other countries. Situation Analysis The largest problem with the Exchange Student Program at Curtin University is that it is not communicated to the students effectively. There are posters, but they provide little information. The website for the program is difficult to navigate and can be complicated when one is going back and forth looking for information. It is easy to get frustrated, since the site is confusing and the information is not readily available. All of those things can be corrected, but this will take time and money. Both of those things are in short
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