Public Relations in Travel and Tourism: Qantas Airways Case Study

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1.1 Qantas Airways: Public Relations as a Promotional Tool The public relations strategy (PR) defined by the Qantas Group is very clear and the PR portfolio is very broad. The core PR goals of the group are as follows: By keeping a strong focus on the customers the strong domestic businesses of the Group are constructed and sustained. By targeting the four pillars of the global gateways the Qantas International should be turned around. PR efforts should be made to improve the experience of the customers, the Airways Group should grow along with the growth of Asia and financial management should be carried out in a disciplined manner. In order to get the full benefits of the low-cost leisure travel boom in Asia the rapid presence of Jetstar (one of the popular subsidiaries of Qantas Group Airways) should be strengthened. By increasing ways through which the members can not only earn points but spend them as well, and, by adding more partners the Qantas Frequent Flyer should continue to expand (Qantas Airways, 2012). Several complementary PR, marketing and operational initiatives are being taken in order to support these goals and make them achievable. The modernization of Qantas' airport divisions, engineering and catering are some of these initiatives. It was on 30 June 2012 that a three- year Quanta's PR initiative got completed. The cost savings achieved through this initiative were about $1.4 billion; these savings were made by making the business improvements.

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