Public Response On Deviant Behavior

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Public Response to Deviant Behavior Introduction Being an aspect that unifies people, society sets a stamp upon organization of their lives, in which social norms define interaction between its members. It is a so-called code of social norms that shapes people’s actions and their perception as normal or abnormal by others. That is to say, society makes its members justify behavior as acceptable or deviant in the result of the following precise rules of conduct or disobedience to do so. As a result, there are insiders and outsiders of society labeled by the latter just because of ability or failure to act in accordance with the rules that specify social order. Those outsiders are individuals whose behavior is seen as weird and thus deviant, whether the reason is hidden in simple unwillingness to obey a social code or inability to act in the bounds of decency because of health aspects (thought disorders, syndromes, and so on). So, society came to view deviance as such a behavior that is triggered by a person’s departure from accepted code of conduct fixed by society. A deviant act’s commitment was chosen as a core of the experiment to bring evidence of people’s idea of deviant behavior, response to it and its dependence on certain factors. In more details, the experimenter goes to a public place and sings there as if it is quite normal to act in such a way. The major cause of such a choice is hidden in my interest in deviance as a whole and the dependence of people’s vision
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