Public Safety On The United States

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Saqib Afzal Carlos Schroder English 111+9-15A November 8, 2011 Public Safety Public safety is one of the big concerns in the United States. American government is doing their best to maintain the safety on the road. The government of the United States is not just focusing road safety on national level but also they are focusing on state wide to ensure the safety on roads. With all their hard work, they are successful for ensuring the safety. Especially now days where the technology is expanding every day, with this fact it is hard for the government to keep up with everyday changing technology. The new technologies that are interfering with the road safety are mobile devices like; cell phones, ipads, and tablets. People are using these…show more content…
In District of Columbia and state of Maryland governments already banned the mobile devices while driving. According to their law of driving this is a primary offense for new driver, experience drivers, and bus drivers (web). No matter if you driving a car, Taxi cab and bus, you are ban for hand on and off hand devices. By reinforcing this law the expert say the District of Columbia and State of Maryland governments were able to control the accident that were being caused by the distraction while driving. people have the fear of getting ticketed for this offense will cause them 70 dollar fines and 1 point on the driving license and if this cause and accident then the fines id 110 dollars and 3 point on the license(web). With this fear barely people make mistakes and this also force them to keep the safety on roads. I understand it is hard to keep up with thing that involved technology. Especially when people do not know what will come tomorrow. There will be something new inventing every day, but that does not means we do not need to worry about the safety on roads. Before the main problem for the government was concern about was drunk driving, but now more incidents occur because of the excessive usage of new mobile devices (web). Now the Virginia state is more focusing on enforcing the new law about not using mobile devices while driving. Right now texting while driving is not the primary offense in Virginia. In order to give a ticket for
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