Public Safety Should Encourage Our Correctional Officers

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The main purpose of Corrections is to incapacitate, and rehabilitate an inmate with the hope they will become law abiding citizens once released back into society. However, while in the correctional institution serving their time, many inmates dealing with pressure from being away from their families or pressures from their peers if they are in a gang, to assault staff members that work at these institutions. These assaults have made it very dangerous for Correctional Officers to perform his or her job duties. This reform will look to take advance measures to protect our correctional staff employees as they try to protect society from these violent/non-violent criminals. This paper will help one to better understand the
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Also, overworked staff becomes unprofessional with these inmates that cause them to act out. Lastly, the reduction of services has cause inmates to become combated and rebels among staff that increase more attacks on correction staff.

There are a number of impacts that both the officers and inmates while in a prison setting. As I have stated in my overview officers are impacted by violence in prisons because of lack of punishments, it seems that in our recent times that there has been laws that protect prisoners from certain punishments. I believe that this could be something that puts the extra stress of figuring out the best way to handle a belligerent and violent prisoner. This then leads to my second conclusion which is the fact that the officers are concerned with the charges that they may face while responding to violent incidents caused by the inmates. Having your life threatened or at risk on a regular basis can cause an officer ready to defend their selves at all costs. Last but not least the impact that falls on the inmates. Regardless of whatever they may have done to get in prison they still suffer from being away from his home and his family for forever or for long enough for them to move on and forget all about them. They may also become violent because of the daily tasks that they are obligated to do while they are there for little to nothing worth of pay. Each of the other can be on edge and on the wrong day things could escalate and get
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