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To prevent serious consequences from man-made and natural disasters and to provide timely medical response and damage recovery, the Department of Homeland Security coordinates the work of trained professionals from emergency services departments and agencies across the country. The emergency services sector encompasses public and private companies that can help in crises prevention, disaster preparedness and medical treatment. However, only government-managed emergency services departments are responsible for protecting citizens in critical public safety situations, such as when providing fire prevention or police protection services. Public safety is not something one should think of only when an incident or a catastrophe occurs. This is why state emergency department agencies develop emergency management plans and procedures that will help communities organize on the ground anti-crisis action and adequate medical response. A well-prepared disaster management office keeps track of the available public safety resources at hand in the state, so that it can effectively stay afoot…show more content…
Each U.S. state has a relevant emergency service department, office, division or agency that coordinates the work of the medical response units, the fire prevention departments and the public safety aspects of law enforcement such as police units. Although specific emergency services may overlap, the sector includes the following general divisions: law enforcement, fire prevention services, emergency medical services, disaster management and public
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