Public Safety and Individual Rights Paper

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Public Safety and Individual Rights Paper
Robert Gubbins
University of Phoenix
January 20, 2014

There are many challenges that law enforcement agencies faces when it comes to enforcing public safety at the same time protect the rights of individuals. This paper will focus on several key topics involving the relationship between public safety and individual rights. The first topic is the statutory authority and responsibilities of government officials, security personnel, and private citizens. The next topic involves the practices or laws relating to search, seizures, and surveillance by police, corrections, private citizens, and security personnel. This paper will also compare the laws relating to the use of
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These include the right to build and maintain a military that can be used to protect citizens from threats both foreign and domestic. The government is sworn to uphold and protect the rights of everybody. They also have established a court system as well as appellate courts and in some cases the Supreme Court hears cases that involve the issues that involve the Constitution. They also have established copyright laws and patents that are intended to protect and promote ideas and inventions. (, 2011) They also have the unique obligation to print money which can be recognized by all. The Confederacy tried to adapt their own currency but was not recognized by the federal government. The government can establish post offices and other services to help deliver packages from one place to another. We also have a nationalized unit of weights and measures. And the final duty is to raise taxes as mentioned earlier to perform services and functions. Most state governments are modeled after the three branch system of government like the federal government, although it is not required by law to follow suit. Each state has their Constitution as well as having powers not giving to the federal government. ( States have an
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