Public School Choice Essay

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Public School Choice

Public School Choice is an easy program to understand and it contains many advantages but also many disadvantages. Public School Choice is when parents can elect to send their children out of a school that has not made adequate yearly progress for two consecutive years into a school that has made progress. (McClure, 2002) If there are no available schools within the original school district, then a family can choose to send their children to another district. This only happens when the other schools in the original district are all labeled as ‘underachieving schools’ and have not made the adequate yearly progress. (McClure, 2002)

Some of the advantages to this new public school choice option include: offers
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“Official from Milwaukee school and local policy groups, where public school choice has been an option, confirmed what most observers have assumed: that having options with in the public school system is intensely popular with parents” (Van Dunk, 2003) Some people do not believe there can be such a thing as public school choice. For it to be actual ‘school choice’ and in order for it to succeed it has to include private schools. (Jeynes, 2000) These are just a few facts and some issues that are controversial around the Public School Choice option.

School Vouchers

School Vouchers are another popular form of school choice. Vouchers are scholarships that let students attend a school of their parent’s choice. The vouchers are given out to low-income parents who are below the 175% poverty line. A voucher can be used a private school. Schools redeem the vouchers given to them by students, and in return receive government funding. Publicly funded vouchers have been used for decades in New Hampshire, and Maine, also in the two cities: Cleveland, Ohio and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Ellig, 1999) Harvard economist Caroline M. Hoxby investigated the impact of vouchers on public schools in Milwaukee. Her peer-reviewed conclusion: “Overall, an evaluation of Milwaukee suggests that public schools have a strong, positive response to competition
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