Public School Desegregation And Federal Programs

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The March on Washington took place Wednesday, August 28, 1963 in Washington D.C. The march was generally for jobs and freedom but specifically it was for voting rights protection, public school desegregation and federal programs to trained unemployment workers. When it first began, many of the people was socializing about possibly what’s taken place but honestly no one actually know for sure because of how many people actually showed up and involved themselves in the movement. There was many people that came out to support as well as being apart of the march. You could tell by everyone demeanor that marching on washington were something they wanted to participate in without any force because they most likely felt that marching on washington was significant to them. After, witnessing a few people,you could conclude that participating in the march showed the genuine attitude of the people due to their actions they presented. You would that since so many people showed up that it would be complicated to get everyone’s attention but they were able to follow directions even though they made it to certain areas early then they predicted. I do not think any of the leaders that help corporate this event actually knew how many people was going to show up and take a stand with them but I’m sure they expected the best. Even though, The way everyone started off was kind of risky, they still seemed interested in the significant purpose of the march and then identified their
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