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The public school system offers several different types of health care services to students concerning issues that are a problem in 21st century schools. Two of the top concerns in public school health care concern the on topics of reproduction and obesity. With over 50 million students attending public schools, it is important to recognize and understand that school systems have a responsibility to provide health care education and services that will educate and hopefully improve the health of all students. Public schools in the 21st century provide many basic health care services. These services include having a full or part-time school nurse, dental care, mental health, special education programs, child obesity programs and…show more content…
There is an increase in overweight children and it is becoming a major concern. One of the reasons for obesity is due to the fact that we eat fast food, on average, at least once a day, and students who have the privilege to leave campus for lunch are at a greater risk because they tend choose unhealthier food. We choose to eat fast food because of its convenience and low cost. Another reason for obesity is because student does not receive the proper amount of physical activity they need in a day. On average, a student should be getting one hour of physical activity a day which can be as easy as attending a P.E. class. According to, one-third of children between the ages of 6-19 are at risk to being overweight. Obesity can lead to health problems such as asthma, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This website also states that around 85 percent of parents surveyed say that they support programs such as P.E. to help reduce the chances of obesity. One additional thing schools are doing to stop obesity is providing students with a healthy breakfast and nutritional lunch. The second major health care issue that schools face when educating students about reproductive issues. These issues pertain to the usage of contraceptives, pregnancy and birth, sex education and sexual activity. These are just some of the services provided in public schools according to Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. The topic about sex

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