Public School Is Better Than Private School Essay

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Have you ever heard different people's opinion on which type of school is better? The type of schools that I'm preferring to is private, and public school. Through my four years at Butler High School, I know a hand full of people that went to private school from elementary until middle school. I always asked my peers " Why didn't you attend a private high school, since you always went to a private school all your life"? Every time I asked my fellow peers that question, it was always a different answer. The answers would be it got too expansive, they wanted to try public school out, since they went to private school all their life, and the final answer that I got was that they wanted to explore outside of private schools, and see for…show more content…
In the following paragraphs I will be giving, reasons and evidence on why public school is better than private school. Each paragraph will be structured and going in order from my thesis statement on why public schools are better than private schools.
Even though we all pay for public schools, because taxes get taken out every pay check doesn’t amount to the cost that parents pay to send their children to private school. Everyone knows that private schools aren't cheap at all, and that they can be very expensive. An article that I have read stated " Private k-12 school costs also seem to be correspond with those for private colleges"(When). That’s a lot of money to send your child through elementary and middle school. It is very outrages, because it seems to correspond with the amount of money you pay to go to a private college While I was reading an article is mentioned " tuition for a typical private high school in the south-east costs a relatively modest $18,900 a year. But move a few hours north that price tag becomes far more daunting" (when). So, depending on where you live can also determine the price tag, you will pay to send your child to a private school.
Private schools are not fair, because they pick who they want in their schools. It's sad to say that about a school, that you're paying to send your child to that they don’t accept everybody. An article
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