Public School Of Public Schools

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In 2003, Wellesley accepted the provisions of Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 60 Section 3D which authorizes volunteer contributions by citizens to a Tax Relief Fund to help offset tax obligation for elderly or disabled individuals. Town’s Taxation Fund Committee establishes the rules and regulations and donations of any amount over $1.00 is accepted. The solicitation was virtually non-existent and the town has received zero donation from the community that it is considered a failed policy. On the contrary, Wellesley Educational Fund (WEF) continues to solicit donations from all residents including empty nesters. The fund collects a sizable combined donation every year. Their mission statement states the fund is used “to enhance, enrich and maintain educational excellence and foster innovation in the Wellesley Public Schools” (, 2016). Wellesley public school teachers were among the highest paid in 2015 with an average salary of $90,041 (, 2016), and it is always good to remember where the source of money comes from. In addition, WEF awards grant to excellent teachers.
Policies, Suggestions, and Recommendations to Be Considered Massachusetts’s property tax relief programs are designed to help low-income elders and disabled citizens off-set the burden of real estate tax bills. The current eligibility brackets are standard for all cities and towns in Massachusetts without much consideration given to the average estate values in each town they…

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