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On April 14, 1829, the Louisville Mayor and Council established a public school for children less than sixteen years of age on August 17, 1829 known as the Louisville Public School. The first public school building was opened September 1830 in the Louisville School district. The Jefferson County Public Schools trace their beginnings to an act of the legislature of Kentucky, which established a system of common schools in the state in 1838. April 1, 1975 Louisville Public Schools and Jefferson County Public Schools merge establishing Jefferson County Public Schools District.
Jefferson County Public School System operates as a hierarchical system administered by 7 elected members who are referred to as the board of education. Their overall responsibility is to oversee the development, operation, and improvement of JCPS as well as select and hire a superintendent, which is currently Dr. Donna Hargens she is responsible for implementing the school board 's vision by making decisions about educational programs, spending, staff, and facilities. JCPS has several internal organizations that provide support to students, staff, and community that are overseen by chief officers. The vision of Jefferson County Public School is to ensure that all JCPS students graduate prepared to reach their full potential and contribute to our society throughout life. In order to make this successful JCPS has internal organizations that provide support beyond academics to provide students…

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