Public School Vs. Home Schooling System

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In society, people have their own techniques of teaching and learning. Parents have their own preference on whether they want their children in a public school or home schooling system. They have to look at the advantages and disadvantages that come with making the right choice for their child’s education. Being home schooled, does not give the child the ability to be around new people. Some parents cannot afford for their child to be home schooled, and choose to have them enrolled in public school. Having students in a public school has a better learning aspect and more affordable. Parents have to look at the optimistic choices that come out of their child attending a Public school. Public school is a place for students to interact and communicate with their peers. Students learn how to act with their friends, either in a negative or positive manner. They have to learn to associate with a diverse culture of people. Children have to understand different personalities because everyone is not the same. Parents have to be willing to let a child go out and find their personality and some freedom. A public school offers advanced learning and skills for children of all ages and disabilities. Public school allows students to have full attention and extra help from their teacher. Especially if the child is having problems at home, they have another adult person they can look to for help. They are given counselors that are specialized to assist students with their difficulty either
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