Public School Vs. Public Schools

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Midterm Paper When we look at the United States, we see a a nation found on the basis of Christianity which is put together to follow the bible and principles of God. Yet we live in a world where at some public school 's like Kankakee School District 111 that I attended where the bible isn 't taught or spoke on in classes. Although at private school 's they focus on Christianity because of the school being “private” rather than public. I feel like Christianity should be taught in public school 's just like private school 's teach it because some families can afford to send their children to private school 's, while other families are less fortunate that they have to send their children to a public school. Within the ever changing population growth and the changing of religious views, it 's becoming difficult keeping the Christian value in public school systems since new religions and new beliefs are flooding into the nation let alone the school systems. I see that private education cost thousands of dollars each semester to stay in school while public school doesn 't cost nearly a few hundreds of dollars if any. Public school 's get treated so differently than private school 's in every way because at private school 's you get a uniform whereas public school 's parents spend money to make sure students have clothes to wear five days of the week. Private school 's focus on religious beliefs with uniforms, statues, buildings and etc, while public schools doesn 't have…

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