Public School Vs. Public Schools

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In the 21th century there seem to be a thin line between the wealth and the poor in our schools educational system. We need to help improve our school board with better textbooks, classes, and equipment. How well educated is our students who went to American public schools? How much diversity is in American public schooling? Does the middle to upper class students have an advantage for getting a better education than low income students? The American Dream and public school; statistic say that kids in private schools are much more educated than public school students because they have more academic underachievement’s. Yes our school system is corrupted and the government does more for those who are wealth. There are four times more whites in private schools, four times more black and Hispanic in public schools. We should invent in our children’s education so we can provide a better education, prepare them for college, and tutors by helping our American public school system to push their limits to go further in educating our children. For example students in private schools are using textbooks published in 2014, while students in public schools are using textbooks published in 2011. Private schools have the funding to afford iPads to give to their students for home and public schools can barely afford to keep all their computers up to date. There are many problems in the American dream for a better education, the income rate in our community, Work Ethic and the poverty in…

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