Public School Vs. Public Schools

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Parents have a growing number of options available these days when deciding where to send their children to school. Public and homeschool are two of the most popular choices, and each one has benefits that are as unique as the children in attendance. Public school is free, homeschool has added costs; public school has more peer pressure, homeschool typically has less. When deciding which option to choose, parents should do their research in order to make an informed decision. While the reasons parents have when deciding where to send their children to school range anywhere from cost to religious, one thing remains constant—they want the best education for their kids.
The learning environment is one of the first things people notice is different. Public school has an average of 25 students per classroom, and can be chaotic at times due to the larger size. Supporters of public school believe the classroom size can actually help students in the future because the working world is full of distractions and chaos that makes focusing on the job more difficult. Homeschooling, on the other hand, can be tailored to the specific needs of each child, and classroom size will vary depending on the number of children the parents have. Since the number of children is typically less with homeschooling, the chances the environment will be filled with distractions is minimal. Fewer distractions provides for focused learning and creating lesson plans to meet the needs of the child.…

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