Public School Vs. Public Schools

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Public school education is identical important and should be taken very seriously. It is the basis that leads to the future of everyone’s life. The people who begin to lay down the pathway for education are the teachers. Teachers in today’s public school system world are one of the utmost crucial people in America. They are the ones to encourage children to excel into their greatest self. Without teachers, society would face a drastic downfall. There would not be many professions around. There would not be any doctors to help save people’s lives there would not be any police officers to protect and serve, there would not be a president to lead this country. The public school education system as a whole is something that has been over…show more content…
Landry Parish are able to keep up with the technology. So the first thing that needs to be implemented inside of the school in the parish is the type of technology that is available to the students and teachers. Today’s teachers and students depend heavily on different types of technology that will help provided fast information. With the use of the computers it is highly beneficial, because it helps with the use of research that may be required or helps lower the number of hardback books that need to go around. The internet and computers serve as one the most important tool for education. It allows educators to have other means of communication with their students not limiting them to just learn something in one particular way. With all of the assets that technology provides not all students have it at their disposal and the ones that do have it are limited. “According to K-12 Connectivity over 40 million students in America’s K-12 public schools are being left behind due to them not being able to keep up with technology, 63 percent of schools do not have enough bandwidth to meet the current needs for digital learning and 99 percent do not have the bandwidth necessary.” This is a major problem because while other students are building their skills and are put in a better circumstance where they can learn more, others still rely on just the basic things that are not helping them evolve more like textbooks and newspaper articles that are given
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