Public Schools And Private Schools

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Schools have been around since the 18th century; starting with private schools and then public schools came around in the 19th century (Kaplan and Williams, “American Education”). From there how to get an education has drastically changed. There are several types of schools that you can put your child in; homeschool, virtual schools, advanced placement schools, Charter schools, private school and public school. The top options are public schools and private schools. There are different considerations you have to take in to choose the best school for your child; cost, average class size, development of social skills, bullying rates and graduation rates. We will hit on each of these topics further, as well as discuss the other schooling options to help you decide the best school for your child. So, between public and private schools and the other non-traditional options; which is the best option for your child? One of the top considerations parents take into account when looking at what type of school to put their child in is cost. The consideration of cost can be the deciding factor when it comes to putting your child in public school over private school. In the United States the average annual cost for sending your child to a private school is $8,411 for elementary and $12,900 for high school. The cost then varies even more by state. In Washington the average annual cost for private school is $8,877 elementary and $10,525 for high school. In Idaho the average annual cost
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