Essay about Public Schools Need Successful ESL Programs

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Because America is such a diverse country, public schools are faced with the challenge of providing students from all over the world with a quality education. As Chen points out “public schools have embraced the linguistic challenge presented by immigrant students” (¶1). Then, No Child Left Behind law was approved, and it required every public school should have an English Secondary Language (ESL) program that will provide the “academic support” for English Language Learners (ELLs). ELL parents are happy that their children are getting education help from the school, but it has raised the question of how successful are the ESL programs? Do ESL programs provide enough “academic support” to all ELL students? Do ESL programs have enough tools …show more content…
The English proficiency test was designed to test the ELL students’ levels on reading, writing, and speaking. Because some proficiency test scores were so low in some districts, the U.S. Education Department Office determined to find out if ELL students were receiving an education equal to other students who are fluent in English.
Due to the economic recession, some public schools have to reduce the cost of the ESL programs. In order to reduce the cost, Chen reports “some schools and states have created mandatory full inclusion programs, where ESL students are immersed in a regular paced English class, with students who are fluent in English” (¶3). This full inclusion program can have disadvantages and advantages to ESL students and fluent students. If ESL students were in the full inclusion program, then they were “in an atmosphere for learning”, but a lot of parents and educators argued that this program is “ineffective” for both ESL and fluent students. If ESL students were in the class with fluent students, then the teacher had to slow down “the pace of instruction”, which would benefit ESL students but not the fluent students. So, it is important that ESL students are in an ESL program to learn the language, even though it might take years to learn the language. Because learning a language takes time, public schools need a good ESL
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