Public Schools Should Be Funded Essay

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The U.S. citizenry has expressed divergent views in the past on how public schools should be funded. In most cases, states primarily raise funds to support public schools through property and/or sales taxation. The extent to which respective states rely on either of these forms of taxation differs from state to state, with some relying on one or both methods of taxation. Reliance on either sales or property taxes as a primary source of funding presents related challenges to state governments since both tax forms bear significant shortcomings. This paper specifically argues that states such as Georgia, which have property tax as the primary source of funding, should not shift to the sales tax option. However, in addition to the current system of property taxes, these states should consider a hybrid plan using both property and sales taxes for better education funding. The Federal government neither governs nor shoulders any official obligation to fund education (Johnson 2). For this reason, it normally contributes about 7% of the total education budget, the rest of which is raised by respective states. While the national institution does not clearly state the need for public schools, State constitutions require the provision of equal, adequate, and efficient public schools. Therefore, different states have developed different mechanisms for financing public schools such that the requirements on equality, adequacy, and efficiency are met. Methods for public education funding
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