Public Schools Vs. Canadian Schools

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While there are of coarse similarities between the residential school system and the Canadian pubic school system, there are many major differences. Residential schools were introduced back in the 1870’s, they were made to change the way native children spoke their languages and how they viewed their cultures. The residential school system in Canada was operated by the government, where the native children were aggressively forced away from their loved ones to participate in these schools (“1000 Conversations”). The government had a concept, where “they can "civilize" and Christianize Aboriginal people, whose traditional ways of life were seen as inferior or heathen” (Mccue). They aimed for the children aged of three to eighteen to extinguish the Aboriginal cultures. In the twentieth century the Canadian public schools had arrived and had improved treatments than residential schools. In contrast, the treatments within these schools were both different, whereas Canadian public school students had more freedom than residential school students because children were taken away from their families. Even though residential schools and Canadian public schools were similar in some form, there were numerous amounts of differences in how the children were taught, how they were treated and how their living conditions were like throughout these schools.
The purpose of the residential school system was to target aboriginal children and force them to change their lives forever.…

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