Public Schools Vs. Sex Schools

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Public Schools v. Single- Sex Schools

Did you ever think about the people that your children are surrounded by throughout the school day? If they are bullied, left alone or fit in? Did you ever consider putting them in a different school? Education is very important. Some of the reasons education is important are quite simple. Education is to better a person 's self knowledge needed later in life. We start education at such a young age because children have a different level of common knowledge. Students learn at different paces. Some children are smart when they are little and they know how to say their ABC’s, know how to add and subtract and know how to write their name. Other children struggle with even knowing how to hold a pencil correctly and have a difficult time pronouncing words the correct way. It just depends on how much a student is aware, and surrounded by in their early years of learning. Some children are smart just because they pick up on certain things faster and their brains are more developed than other children. Other children need help when it comes to learning new things. That is why children can go to preschool and kindergarten. They need help learning the basics and have some experiences with at least a certain amount of knowledge. The American schooling system educates children between twelve to fourteen years because by the time they reach twelfth grade, students brains should be completely developed with the education they need…

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