Public Sector Careers

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People interested in working in public sector jobs are usually drawn to these jobs for a number of reasons. They not only like the idea that their work while benefit the common good in some way, but they also like the stability that such jobs bring. Public sector jobs include positions in the fire department or public library, but this only represents a small number of public sector jobs. Here are four degrees that prepare their holders for jobs in the public sector and in public institutions.

1. Psychology/ Counseling

Counseling and psychology degrees give their holders a great deal of flexibility when it comes to choosing job environments. While some of these professionals go on to have private therapy practices of their own, many work
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While many people naturally (and sometimes automatically) think that these degrees prepare a person for work on a police force, the truth is, it prepares them for so much more. People with criminal justice degrees work in places like the courts as clerks, as computer forensics investigators, as CIA officers and analysts, and as homeland security specialists. Some of the more progressive degree programs are also online, allowing their students to continue working while they get their degree. According to Portland State University, this job field is promising. It's set to grow by 13 percent by the year 2020.

3. Art History

For people who can't get enough of Picasso and Matisse, there is the art history degree. These degrees give their students a solid foundation in history, looked at through the lens of art. Most art historians beyond the bachelor's level have a specialization in a particular field like book arts or French Impressionism. While some of these professionals work directly with art as in the case of the museum curator, others work in supporting roles such as an editor for a museum publication or as marketing professionals in museums, colleges, or schools.

4. M.F.A./ Ph.D.
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