Public Sector Reformation through Education

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I. Summary of Article The best but the hardest path to reforming the public sector is through education (The Economist Magazine 2011). America has a lot to learn from the results and implications of the 2000 survey and list of countries with the most improved education systems by the Programme for International Student Assessment or PISA. The performance of academic students at age 15 in reading, math and science was surveyed in 32 countries. According to the 2009 results, the top 5 performers in reading were Shanghai, China; South Korea; Finland; Hong Kong, China; and Singapore. In reading, the top-ranking were Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Finland as the 6th. And in science, the leaders were Shanghai, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. The US was among the lowest-ranking in science as the 23rd in ranking (The Economist Magazine). Meanwhile, other organizations measured how far countries had improved their educational systems (The Economist Magazine 2011). One of them was McKinsey Consultancy, which came out with its own finding on specific number of years it assessed the countries. The countries in the order and the period of assessment were Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea, 5 years assessment; Ontario, Canada and Saxony, Germany, each at 7 years; England, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovenia, each at 13 years; and Poland, 7 years (The Economist Magazine). The survey also found that the major factors for improvement were technology and
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