Public Security Vs. Privacy

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“Big brother is watching you.” In the book Nineteen Eighty-Four (Orwell, 1948), the author presented a repressed and horrible Utopia with "Surveillance state", "Big Brother", "doublespeak" and "thoughtcrimes". Today, many people believe that the book Nineteen Eighty-Four has already become a prophecy in the United States because they are being surrounded by numerous cameras. Although January Mughal in her article “National Security Vs. Privacy In The Modern Age”(2016), insisted that surveillance is necessary to maintain the security of United States, but it is doubtful based on many research because the uses of government surveillance are inefficient, the surveillance cannot stop terrorist attacks, and the ethical issues of surveillance…show more content…
The surveillance is not as good as US government said, although government announced that the surveillance prevents over 50 potential terrorist attacks in the United States, the authors of the report NSA’s Bulk Surveillance Programs Stop Terrorists? Showed that NSA surveillance only initiated 7.5% investigation of terrorism, of which a few of investigations are legal compared to traditional investigative methods which initiated 60% of the investigation, In addition, NSA Director Alexander admitted that the bulk collection of American phone date had only prevented one known terrorist attack. Thus, government surveillance has low efficiency. What is more, the bulk collection is not accurate, Innocent jokes or statement can mislead government surveillance, a man named Joe Lipari Spent two years on fighting charge because the paraphrased a quote form fill Fight Club. And also the targets of surveillance are ambiguous, during the war I, government surveillance targeted on precursors to the FBI, the Bureau of the investigation, war critics and even anti-draft activists who are the innocent citizens. January Mughal mentioned that the surveillance still necessary, in spite of its disadvantages, to protect our security and bring justice if it focuses on suspected terrorists or person of thereat, demonstrates a warrant and is put in public spaces. However, it is not that easy to protect
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