Public Service Broadcasting In Australia

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There is no doubt that the proliferation of digital media has placed great stress on the already fragile status of public service broadcasting (Miragliotta and Errington, 2012). The convergent media environment alongside restraints on funding and skeptic views regarding their necessity have posed great challenges altering the role of public service broadcasters in the 21st century. However, there are many signs pointing toward a renewed government commitment within the Australian sector, to suggest that what the digital revolution has brought is not only challenges but also opportunities (Spigelman, 2013). By examining the recent movements of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in addition to specific reference of the Special Broadcasting Company (SBS) this essay shall seek to address the current debate surrounding the necessity of public service broadcasters in the 21st century. To this day, the charter written by John Reith, the first director general of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) in 1926, is believed to have established the principles governing public service broadcasting. John Reith first set out his ideas about how public…show more content…
Much like traditional forms of media, public service broadcasting was feeling the effects of the Internet on their audience. Skepticism from the government, commercial media and the general public posed questions surrounding the necessity for the ABC to exist in the 21st century arguing that in such a convergent age of media production and content, the original principles governing public service broadcasting were both inadequate and inconsistent. In order for the ABC to combat these challenges, associated with pessimistic questioning, the corporation underwent significant ‘restructuring’ of their internal operations with cuts to budgets and jobs, and reviews to increase their internal efficiency (Miragliotta and Errington,
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