Essay on Public Service Broadcasting Within The Plural Society

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British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] has played its role as a Public Service Broadcasting [PSB] in England since 1926. It was set up on Baron Reith’s hands as an educative media building public’s character by establishing and socializing cultural value to the society via its programs. Hitherto, BBC’s work focuses on the cultural connection among the society and plays a role as its guardian rather than pays attention to the diversity among them (Curran & Seaton, 2003). However, some critiques about its existence started raising in the end of 1980s as the appearance of the Sky Media commercial-satellite television company which gave larger opportunity for public to choose what they want to see. Recently, one of the most
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Therefore, its operation focuses more on fostering the civilization and democracy rather than to gain revenue. Besides, it also must be willing for a limited autonomy in its operation since the government has the authority to control its working mechanism.
The core objection of this form of broadcasting is to serve public by providing quality information and facilitating public discourse to enforce democracy and advance civilization. In term of quality information, PSB plays a role as socio-cultural agent whose duty is to perpetuate the high culture and raise public awareness as an united national entity. Furthermore, in its role as a discursive arena, PSB exists as a practice of Habermas’ idea of public sphere where public as a political community exercise their freedom of assembly and freedom of information to solve their social problem as well as to reach an agreement about the ‘common good’ which is expected to affect the policy in a society (Hauser, 1998).
To guarantee that this democratic function works well, PSB must guarantee that its operation is impartially detached from either state or market interest. In this case, BBC is a good example.
Since it’s mobilization from private company to public corporation, BBC operates as a form of “quangos” (Butsch, 2007) which work as an independent organisation playing a governmental role. Since 1946, its operational fund comes from the
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